Cal Poly Pomona

Student Clubs

Tri-Beta (Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society)


Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society is a society for students, particularly for undergraduates. It seeks to encourage scholarly attainment in this field of learning by reserving its regular membership for those who achieve superior academic records and who indicate special aptitude for and major interest in the life sciences.

Biological Sciences Club

Biological Sciences Club

This organization is here to better the educational experiences for the students at Cal Poly Pomona, by having students participate in out of school trips, meaning they will get together with both students and faculties, meet new students of both science and non-science majors and most importantly- to have fun.

Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics National Honor Society)

Sigma Pi Sigma

Sigma Pi Sigma, the National Physics Honor Society, recognizes outstanding scholarship in undergraduate physics students and those persons with advanced degrees who contribute to physics education. The society is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, a member of the American Institute of Physics, and affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Since its founding in December 1921 the society has grown to 401 active chapters with a total of about 38,000 lifetime members. Cal Poly has had an active chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma since 1969. It has inducted 79 members into the society to date.

Science Council

Science Council

The Science Council exists to: provide for the betterment of the student body of Cal Poly Pomona, by functioning as the central representative body of all student organizations within the College of Science we hope to reflect the shared ideas, and disseminate the interest and activities of the students and faculty within the College. We are here to promote and implement a spirit of unified action, involvement, cooperation and understanding among the students, faculty, and strengthening the channels of communication, with a degree of coordination and interaction.

Geology Club

The Geology Club provides Geology and Integrated Earth Studies students with exciting and fun activities(field trips, guest speakers) in order to enhance the Geology curriculum and provide additional education outside of the classroom.

SAACS Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society


The SAACS chapter at Cal Poly Pomona is an active club that offers academic as well as social activities for its almost 50 members. Weekly meetings often include guest speakers from industry as well as job placement agencies and career centers. As an example of our activities, tours of the FBI, DEA, the Scripps Research Institute and two biotech companies were organized for members during our April 1999 spring break trip to San Diego.

Society of Physics Students

The Society of Physic Students is a professional physics association, explicitly designed for undergraduate students. The national society was formed in 1968, and the Cal Poly, Pomona chapter was founded in 1969. Membership is open to anyone interested in physics. Currently there are approximately 600 active chapters nationally embracing about 6000 student members.