Class of 2009

Shabana Chery Khan, BS 2009

Software Engineer,
Job Responsibility: Project Manager

Class of 2008

Elhadji Ka, BS 2008

Database Developer , Simplexity/
Job Responsibility: Design/enhance/maintain database for a an online leader in one-stop comparison shopping

Class of 2007

Jonathan Kern, BS 2007

Software Design Engineer, Microsoft
Job Responsibility: I with the user experience team in the Windows Sharepoint Services group to develop next-generation user inferfaces that are used by our core product - Windows Sharepoint Services, and by many other MS products like Office Sharepoint Server, CRM, and Office Live.

Steven Phung, BS 2007

Software Engineer Asc., Lockheed Martin, Information Systems and Global Services
Job Responsibility: Currently a developer on the Advanced Fusion and Urban Operations project which utilizes information fusion to provide tracking and routing services.

Brian Koenig, BS 2007

Software Engineer, Havok
Job Responsibility: I am a build engineer and software developer for Havok, a premier provider of middleware tools for the games and film industry. I work on Havok Behavior, a system for developing event-driven character behaviors in a game.

Jonathan Kern, BS 2007

Software Development Engineer, Microsoft
Job Responsibility: I work on the SharePoint Foundation team developing next-generation user interfaces for business collaboration and content management.

Class of 2006

Paul-John A. To, MS 2006

Job Responsibility: Installation Development. Work for install team for IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS). Use Java, C++, and InstallShield to develop multiplatform installers for server and client products.

Danny Hanson, BS 2006

Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control

Vincent Luong, BS 2006

Mikhail Angelo L. Buising, BS 2006

Margarita Galabova, BS 2006

Jimmy Vo, BS 2006


Class of 2005

Heath Caldwell, BS 2005

Hei-Ning Helen Ma, MS 2005

Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin
Job Responsibility: Develop software to support the US Air Force space vehicle launch system. Knowledge in Java, multiple threads,network and GUI programming is applied.
Utilize my leadership and communication skills to make big progress in my team.

Tom Shen, BS 2005

Bao Shen, BS 2005

Badie Jaber, BS 2005

Thang Luong, BS 2005

Software Engineer, General Dynamics Information Technology

Class of 2004

Alejandro Escalante, BS 2004

Software Quality Engineer, Apollo Group / University of Phoenix Online
Job Responsibility: Improving the quality and process of all online student, faculty, and staff applications for the University of Phoenix and it's affiliates.

James W. Chan, BS 2004

Software Quality Engineer, Northrop Grumman
Job Responsibility: I do design and coding on various projects. I work closely with other engineers in system and software level requirements, design, and development. In addition to working in a team-oriented environment, I'm also expected to work on individual assignments as they occur. I produce and present various technical documents and information in support of design and development on projects that I am involved with. I provide solutions to a variety of technical problems and contribute to the completions of critical milestones for those projects.

Scott Johnson, BS 2004

Mariam Salloum, BS 2004

Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman Space Technology

Antony Lam, BS 2004

Graduate Student Researcher, University of California, Riverside
Job Responsibility: I'm a PhD candidate in Computer Science at UCR. I am currently working on computer vision projects in robust object tracking and face detection/recognition.

Class of 2003

Stephen Sandstrom, BS 2003

Peter Tantono, BS 2003

Information System Developer, Lakeshore Learning Materials

Jeff R. Zhang, BS 2003

Systems Analyst II, City of LA

Li Zhang, MS 2003

Sr. Software Engineer, Gemstar TV-Guide
Job Responsibility: Webservices

Daren Fermin, BS 2003

Alvin Xu, MS 2003

Programmer Analyst, University of California, Riverside
Job Responsibility: Project Lead

Thanh T. Do, BS 2003

Software Engineer and System Administrator, Music and Media International
Job Responsibility: Design and supporting high performance internal music software. Head of IT department, in charge and responsible company network make sure systems are running and operational.

Keith Roberts, BS 2003

Matthew Terry, BS 2003

Software Engineer, Yahoo! Inc.

Martin Nguyen, BS 2003

Web Application Developer,

Go Ishiwata, BS 2003

CEO, de Novo Inc
Job Responsibility: Professional IT consulting.
MBA, Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law, Waseda University

Gustavo Becerra, BS 2003

Software Analyst, Software Analyst
Job Responsibility: Analysis and Design of Software

Class of 2002

Yvonne Aung, BS 2002

Judy CHiang, BS 2002

Supporting Engineer, Judicial Yuan, Taiwan (Technical support for outside company)
Job Responsibility: Do whatever they said
Solved whatever problem they asked

Cynthia Chang-Park, BS 2002

Project Manager, Time Warner / New Line Cinema

Class of 2001

Lu Tiong, BS 2001

Applications Engineer, Everett Charles Technology
Job Responsibility: Spec, Design, Code(C#) manufacturing process workflow application, travel, smile, shake hands and drink coffee.

Ivan Ma, BS 2001

David A. Gershman, MS 2001

Kai Tao Huang, MS 2001

James Jung, BS 2001

Solutions Consultant, Apple
Job Responsibility: Recommend and demonstrate technology solutions, including cross-platform Windows and Macintosh servers, to consumers, professionals, and businesses at public seminars. Build strong technical support and sales teams at various locations in Southern California. Develop and document unique computing techniques for reducing work times on computer jobs.

Pedro L Ramos, BS 2001

Sr. Analyst, Extraprise
Job Responsibility: Designed, implemented and administer company's service and support system. Provide continuous support process improvement and training. Primary technical responsibility includes Citrix environment and implementation. Also in charge of QA environment, Windows patch management and change control scheduling.

Class of 2000

Kevin Luo, BS 2000

Harris Nguyen, BS 2000


Rahul A. Patel, BS 2000

Software Engineer,

Richard C. Ju, BS 2000

Carmen Alvarez, BS 2000

Consultant, Ariba,
Job Responsibility: Development and customization of the Ariba software for various customers.

Class of 1999

Cindy Nguyen, BS 1999

Hernan Silberman, BS 1999

Douglas Choma, BS 1999


Tony V Perez, BS 1999

Software Engineer, Hewlett-Packard

Class of 1998

Michael C. Nguyen, BS 1998

Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Leo Zhou, BS 1998

Software Design Engineer in Test, Microsoft Corp
Job Responsibility: Review product design
Develop automated test cases

Class of 1997

Darwin Macatiag, BS 1997

Information Security Engineer, United Online

Boediana Wono, BS 1997

Senior Desktop/Network Specialist, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
Job Responsibility: Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Managed Workstation for Regional Offices in Southern California (SCAL) Region.
Responsibility including and not limited to deployment of hardware/software and special projects.

Class of 1996

Jason Ng, BS 1996

Director of Software Engineering, Roxio/Sonic Solutions

Thomas Huang, BS 1996

Class of 1995

Sander Eller, MS 1995

Lecturer, Computer Science Department, Cal Poly Pomona

Wesley Luk, BS 1995


Class of 1992

Gabriel Field, BS 1992

Ken Dacey, BS 1992

Test Manager, Microsoft
Job Responsibility: I manage a team of software testers responsible for the quality of various Microsoft products.

Chris Russell, BS 1992

CTO, DivX, Inc.
Job Responsibility: Currently heading up all of the technology departments within DivX, including software engineering, quality assurance, information technology, user experience design, partner support, technical services, etc. Nurturing strategic visions throughout the company while helping out wherever I can. And buying Nerf guns for all new hires! ;-) Comments: + MBA from Pepperdine

Class of 1991

Steven Greenberg, BS 1991

Director, Software Engineering, Oracle Corporation

Class of 1990

Brian Morrison, BS 1990

Software Architect and Program Manager, Caltech/JPL
Job Responsibility: Currently is a member of the Deep Space Multimission Ground System Program at the California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Caltech-JPL. Mr. Morrison was involved in reconnaissance aircraft and fighter jet avionics systems architectures at Lockheed Advanced Systems. Since joining JPL in 1990, he has been involved in systems development for the Deep Space Network, real-time software development for spacecraft, space borne instrument development and ground data systems engineering. In recent years he has managed the Advanced Mission Systems Engineering Group and the Mission Software Systems Engineering Group at JPL where he has been instrumental in developing software cost estimation models and techniques for utilizing integrated development tools to reduce the number of software defects in delivered spacecraft software. Currently he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science working towards developing a better understanding of how Software Product Lines (SPL's) can be used to reduce development time, improve schedule predictability and improve software systems reliability.

Class of 1989

Timothy Wise, BS 1989

Director, Application Development, Orbitz World Wide, LLC

Robert Phipps, BS 1989

I.T. Manager, Disney Consumer Products
Job Responsibility: I manage the security administration and support team for and related applications.

Class of 1986

Louis McDonald, BS 1986

Chief Technology Officer, Center for Innovative Technology
Job Responsibility: I am a senior executive who reviews and directs CITís investments in technology. I, more recently, have been asked to assist our CFO with strategic planning for the interal IT infrastructure.

I joined Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) in 2000 as Industry Director for Information Technology. In that role, I was responsible for strengthening the IT industry in Virginia by working with companies to identify and solve critical issues facing that sector. Areas of focus included workforce development, identifying trends, strengths and gaps in information security and emerging technologies, and working with universities and community colleges to ensure leadership and interaction with industry.

I have more than 20 years of experience in information systems, strategic planning, and project management. Prior to joining CIT, I worked at The Aerospace Corporation, where I served as a consultant to the federal government. I also has worked for SRA International, Inc. and Hughes Aircraft.

In addition to my B.S. in computer science from Cal Poly, I have a master's in computer science from the University of Southern California, and a master's in information systems from George Washington University.

Jeff Allison, BS 1986

JBI Partner Ecosystem Manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Job Responsibility: Currently I'm working on driving interest in JBI (Java Business Integration, JSR 208). Previously I was the product manager for Sun's communications products (email and calendar servers).

John Doppert, BS 1986

Systems Administrator ( Server & Storage ), CKE Restaurants, Inc (Carls Jr. / Hardees corp. office)
Job Responsibility: Support Finance, web, email and internet servers (Sun/Solaris) and storage (EMC DMX1000 ).

Denise (Nolan) Phillips, BS 1986

Contractor, Agile Ways
Job Responsibility: Self-employed. Software Contractor. Agile Coach.

Tanya Nguyen, BS 1986

Embedded Software Engineer, Boeing

Class of 1985

Debra Brum, MS 1985

Vice President, I&IT, Cal Poly Pomona

H. Norton Riley, MS 1985

Still standing, Retired!!

Catie Van Campen Watson, BS 1985

Siemens UGS, Senior Software Engineer

Class of 1982

Greg Strange, BS 1982

Software Director, Synapse Product Development